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Genevieve Stewart is a First Nations 2D Animator, and Illustrator who currently resides on Eora Land (Sydney, Australia). 

She is an Alumni of University of Technology Sydney: Bachelor of Design in Animation (Honours).


She has also completed a Diploma in VFX Fundamentals and a Diploma in Editing Fundamentals at the Australian Film and Television Radio School (AFTRS). 

Genevieve is a passionate storyteller who's work is deeply evocative, emotive and character driven.


Her goal is to represent First Nations people, topics and issues in a metaphorical, profound manner to a non-indigenous audience. This effectively creates a means to openly discuss topics which are often silenced, concealed or ignored by mainstream media.

Genevieve's work is multi-disciplinary, including illustration, character design, 2d Animation, Stop-Motion, Puppeting and video editing.


She was previously worked with clients such as VIVID (Sydney Opera House), Australian Museum, EQ Media, UTS and Carriageworks.

My work is my an expression of memory, culture and Identity.

I draw from my memories, experiences, growing up in the inner city Sydney, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and on country.

Growing up in with Wemba Wemba  and Kuku Yalanji culture with knowledge passed down from my mother and family.

I am mainly self taught and play with as many creative disciplines as I can to visually tell a story.

I am passionate advocate for Self-Representation of First Peoples Art and Culture and making sure it is kept alive and thriving and looking at ways to insert contemporary cultural visual language in to the urban and digital landscape and Reclaiming space and belonging."

Genevieve Stewart, Artist Statement

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